Battle of Trig Capuzzo



Intro to be written, but both sides have been in battle for many days and their armour is much attrited.

US wartime map of the battle area

Map and Order of Battle

Order of Deployment

22nd Armoured Brigade is deployed first, then the Germans and finally KDG

British Deployment

The 22nd Armoured Brigade is deployed within 18" of point A

The 4th Armoured Brigade is a reinforcement. In enters the table on turn three anywhere along the south edge within 24" of point C

The Kings Dragoons Guards must be deployed south of the Trig Capuzzo outside the IZ (12") of any friendly or enemy unit

German Deployment

Most German units are deployed within 3" of the Trig Capuzzo. There must be at least 6" between units measured east-west (i.e. the units must be spread out behind each other not advancing abreast)

Units must be deployed in the order shown on the map. From west to east the march order is: I & II Abt 15 Pz Regt; III Abt 33 Artillerie Regt;  II Abt 33 Artillerie Regt and finally 200 Schützen Regt. The order of the units within 200 SR is up to the controlling player. HQs may be deployed as the German player wishes.

All logistic units enter turn one within 3" of point B

33 Pz Aufklarungs Abt must be deployed south of the Trig Capuzzo outside the IZ (12") of any friendly or enemy unit


The table is 6ft x 4ft if playing 6" = 1km. North is towards the top of the page.

The brown line is a track and has no game effect

The sandy dashed lines are ridge lines.







Wheels/ motorised

Tracked/ mechanised









The British get air support. Roll each turn, on a 5-6 (d6) they get a Hurricane or Kittyhawk bomber

Special Rules

The game is 6 turns long.

Germans move first

The German GS artillery is considered in support of all units except the 33 Panzer Aufklarungs Abt

Victory Conditions

The Germans win if they have the only armoured unit within 12" of point A and they have lost 1 or fewer logistics units.

Otherwise it is a British victory

An armoured unit is a tank unit or the recce units. HQs do not count


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