Solarino Pics


The game took place on 2/5/16 down the Dunstable Generals club. Dave and I played the Italians. John, Roger and Mark played the Brits. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me so didn't take many pics. There are a few random shots below

Elements of Mobile Group D move up to the orchards in the south. S Model R-35 and Raventhorpe motorcycle combinations


The remainder of Mobile Group D defended Solarino


The German Flakkampftruppe guarding the northern road


Mobile Group D starts attacking the 2nd Wiltshire Battalion in the orchards


Mobile Group D and the Wiltshires spend many turns engaged in the orchards. Although outnumbered the Italians has all the tanks as the British Shermans were in the other half of the Battlefield. However the British artillery proved decisive and a couple of regimental stonks forces the Italians to run back to Solarino. By that point the British were at less than half strength and a rather spent force. In the other half of the table the British dashed across the table to come to grips with the Italians as the time available was very tight. This meant they arrived piecemeal to be defeated in detail by the Italians. It also gave the Italian artillery spotters on the ridge many juicy targets to bombard. The Shermans were not well handled, spending too many turns trying to command their orphaned reinforcement into action with its single gun rather than using the guns of the tanks already on table.

The game was a decisive Italian victory but in hindsight the scenario was rather stacked against the British

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