Southern Counter Attack Pics

This game was played between Keith and I in my conservatory on the August bank holiday. Keith played the Arabs and I had the IDF. The kit is a mix of Keith's and mine. The terrain is mine.

The battlefield looking west


Iraqi and Israeli dispositions around Tel Alakeih


I/20th Infantry in position supported by the Cobra missiles of the 201st AT Regiment.


Israeli dispositions in the west


The western flank at the start of the battle, the Syrians can be seen in the distance.


The Jordanian 40th Tank brigade in its starting positions supported by Saudi armoured cars


At he start of the battle the I/20th Infantry take Tel Alakeih


The Syrian Air force makes an early appearance, but has very little impact


In the west the Israeli 179th Brigade deploys south. It has threats on two major axis and very little with which to cover them with, leading to it splitting its two tank battalions


The Iraqis start their push north capturing Tel Antar


The Iraqi air force arrives and bombs the 205th brigade HQ. The air attack combined with concentrated Iraqi artillery fire destroyed the HQ. This was the highlight of Arab air force involvement in the battle. In the meantime Israeli firepower has considerably diminished the strength of I/20th on the Tel


The Jordanians capture Tel El Mal. This puts the Arabs in a winning position has they have captured the three objectives required for a win. The question is whether they can resist the Israeli counter attacks?


The counter attack by 96th Tank Battalion destroys the Saudi armoured cars


The Iraqis surround the 94th/125th Tank Battalion. The 201st AT has deployed on the Tel and supports the attack with its Cobra ATGW. This attack proves fatal for the Israeli battalion


The Saudis bravely assault the Israeli artillery supported by a Syrian MiG-17. The artillery blew the Saudis to smithereens and the MiG's attack was ineffectual.


The Israeli counter attack against the Jordanians stalls. The Jordanians still hold Tel El Mal.


Once Israeli the reinforcements were activated the first Iraqi assault was roundly defeated, leaving one spent tank battalion on the field. Despite this Arabs still held 3 objectives so were in a winning position.


The 74th Tank Battalion arrived and supported by the 822nd Artillery tries to destroy the 201st AT holding Tel Alakeih


The Iraqi 8th Mechanised Brigade enters the fray. The rough ground makes life tricky for the wheeled APCs so the tanks leap ahead whilst the APCs scramble for the road



The Iraqi II/20th enters the battle in the East, moving up past Dayr al’Adas


The Israelis try to push the 40th Tank brigade back from Tel El Mal. Although slowly attriting the stubborn Jordanians they have now run low on ammo and they have no available re-supply. (I had to use my 20mm low on ammo markers as I'd temporarily mislaid my 6mm ones)


The mechanised battalion of the 6th Tank Brigade has snuck through Israeli lines whilst the Israeli tanks were dealing with the Iraqi armour. It was now firmly ensconced in Kafar Nasej. Israeli forces from the 9th Mechanised Brigade move up to force the Iraqis off the objective.


In an effort to break the deadlock at Tel El al the 289th tank Battalion plunges into the flank of the 4th Tank Regiment. This was to prove to be fatal for the Jordanian chances of holding the objective.


The 4th Tank Regiment was destroyed in the attacks and the 2nd was forced to retreat.


In the East the 134th/179th is in trouble, being attacked by three Iraqi battalions. Ultimately it was the Flank attack that was its undoing and the Israelis took severe casualties and retreated in disarray.


The Israelis finally re-took Tel Alakeih but Tel Anta remains in Iraqi hands

That was the last picture of the game. In the centre the Israeli 9th Mechanised Brigade forced the Iraqis out of Kafar Nasej after a stern fight. However in the west the long quiescent  1/33rd Syrian Infantry Battalion surged forward out of its entrenchments and captured Tel Maschara. On the the penultimate turn the game was on a knife edge in a drawing position. Unfortunately we didn't have time for the very last turn. either side could have snatched a victory but a change in the balance was unlikely in a single turn, so we declared the game a hard fought draw.

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