Qabatiya Pictures


This game was played in may 2018 in my conservatory. Dave played the Israelis and I played the Jordanians. All terrain and models from yours truly. All the models are made by Heroics and Ros these days  - though some were originally Skytrex casts. White buildings from Timecast, tan buildings from Leven

The eastern side of the Battlefield at the start of the battle. The 74th Armoured Infantry Battalion approaches Burquin, which is too tough a proposition for a single battalion to take.


An overview of the battlefield, with the Jordanians in their starting positions


The Jordanian roadblock by Tilfit


Jordanian GHQ artillery in position as far from the Israelis as it can get!


Israeli recce bypasses Burquin and dashes across the valley.


Israeli forces approach Jenin.


The assault on Jenin goes in...


...and Jenin falls


At the same time the Israelis have massed enough force to assault Burquin. However success in the battle depends on the Israelis getting to the other side of the battlefield before nighttime so they can't afford to take too long capturing Burquin.


The first assault fails so the Israelis try again this time with some support from the rear. The 39th Armoured Battalion can be seen in the background. Dave rolled snake-eyes for activation so it retreated and lost a stand. Next turn he would do the same again which took the 39th out of the game.


On the other side of the battlefield elements of the 37th Brigade start the approach to the critical town of Az Zababika


The IAF strike the Jordanian artillery, destroying it. (I know the Kfir is anachronistic but my beautifully painted Mysteres have vanished!)


Burquin finally falls and the much depleted (and spent) 19th Battalion abandons the town, hotly pursued by the Israelis. The question is, have the Israelis delayed crossing the battlefield to attack the objective town of Az Zababika for too long?


Israeli forces hasten across the valley from Burquin towards Az Zababika


To the south the Jordanians start to build a counter-attack. A and B coy of the 12th RTR have waited for reinforcements. This saved them from being defeated piecemeal but does mean they have their work cut-out to get anywhere meaningful before night fall.


Amazingly the Jordanian 20th brigade re-captures Jenin from the 25th Armoured Infantry. This was somewhat jammy, the Jordanians rolling a 6 in the close assault and the Israelis a 1.


The 37th Armoured Brigade encounters the newly arrived 4th RTR on the heights above Az Zababika


The IAF returns, although this time it was ineffectual.


The 74th Armoured Infantry has made it all the way from Burquin to smash into the flank of the 4th RTR whilst elements of the 37th Armoured Brigade assault frontally.


The attack has limited success and the 4th RTR withdraws in good order.


On the other side of the battlefield the Jordanian counter attack gathers momentum, forging towards Jenin. The Jordanians should be able to over-run the Israeli infantry in the open, but it will cost precious time. Can they get to Jenin in time?


The Israelis close in on Jenin again, trying to oust the Jordanian infantry before the arrival of the Jordanian tanks


Jenin falls once more to the Israelis just as the Jordanian armour arrives on the scene. Unfortunately for the Arabs tanks are rubbish verses infantry in towns.


The Egyptian commandos and the 2nd RTR destroy the Israeli 91st Infantry. The IAF flies in to bomb the Egyptians.


Israeli forces close assault the 21st Battalion in Az Zababika


On the final turn of the battle Az Zababika falls to the Israelis. All Israeli units are now low on ammo


Only one Jordanian tank company makes it to Jenin by the end of the battle and the close assault is not decisive leaving the 93rd Infantry in possession.


As the Israelis had achieved all three of the objectives by the end of the game they clear winners. However the game went down to the wire a couple of different dice rolls and the the outcome could have been different. In all it was an excellent game with plenty of manoeuvre and incident

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