Operation Nasr

This game was played in March 2019. Keith played the Iranians and I played the Iraqis. All kit on display comes from my collection


The Battlefield looking North West.


The Iranian 3rd Brigade deployed around Hovayzeh


On the outskirts of Hovayzeh the Iraqis keep an eye on the Iranians.


The Iraqi Artillery park


Iraqi positions in the south east


Iraqi I/14 Mechanised Battalion guards the footbridge over the river. Unbeknownst to the Iranians the Iraqis have deployed a tank capable pontoon bridge adjacent to the foot bridge


The Iranian Revolutionary Air Force makes an early appearance and bombs the Iraqi artillery, to little effect.


An Iranian Cobra enters the fray, a little reluctantly at first


The Iranian 1st Brigade makes a push in the centre. However the first attack is repulsed.


Things go badly for the Iranians around Hovayzeh and the 224th Tank battalion is forces to retreat.


After repulsing the 224th Battalion the Iraqi 43rd Brigade closes on the town


The Cobra moves up to engage the 43rd Brigade from behind


A battle group from the 9th Iranian Armoured Brigade advances on the Iraqis in the north west.


The 185th Mech Battalion, having abandoned its APCs fords the river to the Iraqi side, thus outflanking the Iraqi I/14 Mech Battalion


The II/14th Mech is forced back across the river. The Iranians discover the second Iraqi pontoon bridge.


A Phantom bombs the Iraqi guns as the Iraqis bull pack from the river


The F-4's attack run in close-up


The Iranian 9th Brigade tries to cross the bride but is prevented from doing so by Sagger fire from the III Mech Battalion


The Iranians, having defeated the Iraqis around Hovayzeh push towards their ultimate objective ad close on the Iraqi gun line.


And then run into the Iraqi reinforcements arriving at the end of the first day



The ensuing battle, stops the Iranian Thrust, though the Iraqis take considerable casualties.


At Dawn on day 2 the Iraqi counter attack continues.


The elite Republican Guard, 10th Armoured Brigade, enters the Fray and pushes towards Hovayzeh


The Guard closes in on the town, however the Iranians are well fortified in the town


In the centre the Iranians have decisively broken through the Iraqi defences and are pushing strongly for their main objective.


The Iranian Cobra was their ultimate weapon, and inflicted many casualties on the Iraqis.


The Iraqi III Mech valiantly tries to hold the flank but comes under fire from the rear.


Belatedly the Iraqi fighters (MiG-23) arrive to see off the Cobras


In the centre nothing remains between the Iranians and victory


In the South Eastern corner the final Iraqi counter attack is repulsed by the 9th Tank Brigade


Despite air support the Guard fail in their attempt to re-take Hovayzeh


It was a well fought battle and for a while the Iranian position looked hopeless. However in the end they swept though the Iraqis to victory.