Kuban Landings

Battle of Ozerejki

4th Feb. 1943

v1.1 (tidied up a little, made the OB fully CDTOB compatible)

The scenario represent the largest Soviet naval landing in the west in WW2. The landings were to coincide with an attack from the Novorossisk beach-head on the Kuban Peninsular, the plan being to cut off the retreat of German and Romanian troops of the 17th Army.

The landings took place in darkness in the early hours of 4th February supported by the guns of two cruisers and three destroyers. plus several air strikes. Unfortunately for the attackers the defending troops were alert and illuminated the incoming landing craft with search-lights. The landing craft were subjected to intense artillery fire which crippled many boats. The Soviets were only able to off-load 10 Stuarts of the 563rd Separate Tank Battalion and land about 1500 troops, many of who had to swim to shore. The troops were a mixture of naval infantry, crews for sunken boats and tank crews who's lost their tanks. The naval infantry came from the 142nd and 255th Brigades. In the scenario below the 142nd is the named unit but in truth the forces were a mixture of both brigades

To support the landings elements of the Special Operations Battalion were dropped inland with orders to destroy the 10th Romanian Division's HQ

For hours the naval infantry was pinned down on the beach, however just before dawn the naval infantry managed to infiltrate up the Ozerejki River and turn the Romanian left flank, causing the Axis forces to retreat.

The scenario starts at dawn, with the Russians pushing up the left flank and the Romanians stubbornly defending South Ozerejki in the centre

The Order of Battle for the forces involved can be found here. The scenario only represents part of the front and there are actions on both flanks. The map is here.


The forces are deployed in the zones delineated by pink dashed lines indicated on the map. 1st Battalion 142nd and 2nd Battalion 38th do not start within LOS of each other.

The Special Naval Landing Force enters the map turn one within 6" of the road indicated.

The FO/Command stand of the Romanian artillery is with 1st Battalion 38th Infantry

Romanian forces, with the exception of 2nd Battalion 38th Infantry, are dug in.


The map is 1.5km x 3km. North is towards the top of the page

The red lines are dirt roads

The Ozerejki River is in a gully. Units in the middle of the river can not shoot out, and units outside the gully can not shoot in. Stands touching the edge of the gully can shoot in or out. The the gully banks provided cover from direct fire only -2 to hit for CD. Foot units take a BMA crossing the river. Tracked vehicles take 2xBMA. Horse drawn vehicles and manhandled guns can not cross the river except at the bridge.

The large blue area is the Black Sea. Stands may enter the sea as long as they are touching land. There is a enough cover at the edge of the "beach" (ie sea) to give cover from direct fire: -2 for CD.

The light green areas are woods. Actually they are steeply wooded hills. Treat them as dense forest, half speed for infantry and impenetrable for vehicles

The olive coloured areas are scrub. This is "open blocking terrain" in CD parlance. You can see in to or within the scrub 6" for CD. It provides no cover

Gray squares are 4x4 BUA's; for the most part wooden buildings -2 Cover. The simple town fighting rules are in effect.

Special Rules

The game starts at 08:00 and is 8 turns long. The weather is fairly cold and clear

The 2nd Battalion 38th Infantry starts the game shaken in CD-TOB terms; all of it including the HQ.

Victory Conditions

The Russian objective is to take both built up areas in Glebovki. If at the end of the game they have exclusive occupancy of both areas and they have killed the 10th Divisional HQ they have won a decisive victory. If they own one block they have a marginal victory. If they own neither block but have killed the 10th DHQ then the result is a draw. If the Russians fail in their objectives and the Axis still have exclusive occupancy of North Ozerejki then its a marginal Axis victory. If the Soviets fail in their objectives and the Axis have exclusive occupancy of  North and South Ozerejki then its a decisive Axis victory

Exclusive occupancy means that one side has at least one stand in good morale in one of the BUA's and the enemy has no stands in good morale in any of the BUA's. Stands must be entirely in the BUA. Previous occupancy does not count only occupancy at the end of the last turn

Good morale is not shaken and not demoralised

Historical Outcome

Once their flank was turned the Romanian's morale failed and they withdrew. This was possibly prompted by the commander of the German flak deciding the fight was hopeless and destroying his guns.

The Special Operations Battalion failed to find the 10th DHQ but did attack and destroy an Romanian artillery battery

By the end of the day the Russians had captured South Ozerejki. A re-supply attempt on the night of the 4th failed but despite this the Russians forged up the valley and managed a foot-hold in the southern suburbs of Glebovki. However there was not one working radio in the Soviet forces so they couldn't inform the 37th Army of their success, so they were never reinforced. On the 6th the Germans and the Romanians mounted fierce counter attackers and destroyed the russian forces, who were almost out of ammunition.


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