Komárom Pics

This game was played using the experimental BBWW2B rules on 4/12/16. Dave played the Soviets and I Played the Axis. Nearly all the vehicles are Heroics and Ros, the infantry is a mix of Adler and H&R


Elements of the 6th Guards Airborne Division and the 409th Rifle Division in their jump off positions to cross the Garam River. The Axis have deployed as far forward as allowed to restrict the potential bridgehead for the crossing. The dragon's teeth represent units that are entrenched, in lieu of more suitable markers


The Axis defenders awaiting the main Soviet thrust


MG Bataillon Sachen, being the most forward deployed unit, in front of the Soviet advance came in for a great deal of attention from both the 5th Guards Tank Corps and the 9th Guards Mechanised Corps. Considering its exposed position it did very well to hold out for 3 hours.


6th Guards Airborne Division attacks the volkgrenadier. This doesn't go too well for the 17th Guards. The Soviet infantry is very much under strength, and one stand casualty is enough to render the unit spent. In the background 675th Rifle Regiment moves up, slowly. The 675th was remarkably reluctant to move for the first half of the battle.


The gepanzerte kampfgruppe of 8 Panzer division heads towards the battle. They moved to a central position so as to be able to intervene on either flank


The volkgrenadier have been forced out of their trenches and have taken sufficient casualties to become spent. The volksgrenadier's days are numbered. The 654th Rifle Regiment has made an improvised crossing of the Garam and is about to attack the Hungarian paratroopers in the rear. However the paras are well entrenched and are the highest quality troops on the Axis side. Although things look a little unnerving for the Axis, outside of the picture both the 13 Panzerjäger Abteilung and the Fusilier Bataillon 367 VG Division are hurrying forward to assist.


MG Bataillon Sachen finally succumbs to the Soviet onslaught leaving the sadly depleted armoured group as the only barrier between the Soviets and the green fields beyond. However, most of the Soviet units are now low on ammo (green counter) which halves their firepower. In the version of the scenario being played there are no Soviet logistics units so no chance of re-supply.


The armoured group is utterly crushed. DHQ Szent László is left standing in front of two Soviet Corps


Axis reinforcements rush towards the breakthrough. Although the panzers had to engage the Soviet tanks there was a choice with the 28 Panzergrenadiers. Support the armour of move to occupy the objectives? In the end I decided to occupy the villages.


The Soviet attack in the North stalls as Axis reinforcements arrive


The Soviets press on towards their objectives and the waiting German panzers. By this time there were only a handful of hours left in which to achieve their goals.


Having defeated the Soviet forces in the north the Hungarians turn south to try and cut the road behind the Soviet armoured spearheads. Unfortunately for them there are plenty of Soviets units available to react.


Last push towards Búcs. The Soviets really need a decisive victory against the Panzergrenadiers in order to have any hope of reaching the village by the end of the game


In the east the Hungarians push for the road is defeated. An ancillary push by the Fusiliers over the hills will not reach the road in time


However in the West the Soviets just fail to reach the objective in time

It was a really good game with plenty of manoeuvre, however the Soviets did not have quite enough oomph to reach the objectives. it must be said that Dave's often lamentable dice rolling didn't help


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