Operation Inferno


This game took place in my conservatory in June 2018. Keith played the Israelis and I played the Arabs. Nearly al the models on display belong to Keith. I provided the terrain.


Picture of the battlefield with the Jordanians in position. The River Jordan is to the right and Karemah is in the middle distance along the main (tarmac) road. The picture looks from the north towards the south.


The Jordanian Quabatiya brigade dug-in along the escarpment in the north. This was to prove a very tough position to take as it can't be outflanked and the Israelis are obliged to attack up a defile.


Jordanian positions in the south, Karemah is on the left of this picture. Note the 155mm deployed on the heights in a position its technically impossible for it to reach due to the rough terrain - oops!


The Israeli 417th Brigade lines up to attack the Quabatiya Brigade in the north. Note Keith's excellent conversion of the SS.11 carrying halftrack in the foreground.


The 404th Artillery Brigade/ 155mm M50s converted from Skytrex Shermans by Keith.


Another view of the 404th


Israeli 7th Brigade advances over the Allenby Bridge in the south


The paratroopers of the 35th Brigade queue up to cross the Abdullah Bridge


Israeli air assault on the heights behind Karemah


Another view of the landing


The 7th Brigade breaks through the Jordanian defences. The Jordanians are taking casualties but the Israelis, as yet, have taken none.


The Jordanian 60th Brigade arrives and launches a counter-attack against the Israelis. Note the artillery has "teleported" to a reachable location adjacent to the road.


The IAF arrives and strikes at the 60th Brigade's HQ. The attack was ineffective. Please excuse the anachronistic Kfir, my Mysteres are still mysteriously AWOL


The Paratroopers advance from the LZ towards Karemah


Spooked by the encroaching paras Yasser Arafat makes a break for it on a motorcycle. Unfortunately for the PLO, the IAF caught him on the road and he died in a hail of cluster bombs.


In the south the Paras of the 35th Brigade lunge for Karemah racing to avoid being cut off by the 60th Brigade's M48s


Some of the paras turn east to confront the Pattons and secure the Israelis' flank. This is a bold move and the Israelis take their first casualties.


The 60th converges on an isolated para battalion. The Centurions of the 7th Brigade turn to deal with the M48s on their flank


After several fruitless attacks the 417th is still on it's starting line. Their commander turns south in order to reach a less well defended bridge.


The IDF reaches Karemah. The Jordanians have nothing that can reach the 603rd Engineers in time to stop them blowing up the refugee camp.


The 60th rushes toward the IDF Centurions in an effort to actually kill some Israeli tanks


The 603rd Engineers blow up the refugee camp. The Jordanian tanks get a lucky roll and wipe out the IDF Centurions but only leave two wrecks on the battlefield (the victory conditions require that three be left behind)


It was a clear and decisive win for the IDF, as they achieved al their victory conditions. They were a mite lucky to kill off Mr Arafat, getting the IAF to appear when they needed it, but even without that they would have won. The Jordanians really struggle to generate enough concentrated firepower to produce Israeli casualties. Despite getting trounced I really enjoyed the game there was plenty of incident and a great deal of manoeuvre.


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