This battle was played on 4/9/16 using the very experimental BBWW2B rules. Given they were only on their second outing they performed remarkably well and produced a good game. Chris played the Germans and Simon played the Brits. All the kit and most of the terrain on display is mine. The vehicles are nearly all H&R with a light smattering of Scotia for the Germans. Infantry are Adler.

The craters represent disruptions, green counters are out of ammo and blue are spent.

Chris has a write up from there German perspective on the BBB Blog. It is typical that the loser of a battle should exaggerate the enemy strength. If you'd care to refer to the British OB you will not that the Brits had two armoured brigades not two armoured divisions.


21 Panzer Division's deployment looking down from Borgebus Ridge. The road on which the 200 Panzerjäger Abt stands is the British objective


KG Von Luck started on the British left flank


29th Armoured Brigade advances towards Grentheville.


A hour or so into the battle and KG Von Luck has moved into Cagney only to be confronted by the entire Guards Armoured Brigade


KG Von Luck begins to crumble under the British onslaught, however the 200 StuG Abt in the centre is delaying the entire 29th Armoured Brigade


503 Schwere Panzer Abt arrives. Despite being armed with Tigers its a weak unit and its shooting is off due the the earlier bombing (see scenario). It makes no impression on the game besides distracting the Guards for a turn.


Over halfway through the game and the German centre looks very strong. However the Luftwaffe artillery is very poor and looks stronger than it is.


The 503 Schwere Panzer Abt pulls back to avoid being swarmed by Shermans. the manoeuvre did not save it and it was later destroyed


The German defences start to buckle as the British work around the German right flank. However time is running out...


The British breakthrough and are very nearly at the road. However there is only one turn remaining and they have to force the 200 Panzerjäger Abt to retreat


The end, The British just sneak a victory and break through to the objective. Thanks to Chris for taking this picture!


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