France 40

Peter Marshall, Jake Strangeway, Chris Steadman and I played this game as a "pick up" Saturday evening at Historicon 2005. Peter kindly supplied all the kit and terrain, I knocked up the scenario in a minute or two. No nice map for this one. The scenario below is correct as far as I remember it. The game was played using CDIV Beta v14.


The scenario is entirely fictional representing a French counter attack in to the flank of an advancing panzer division


Battlefield from the east with with troops in starting positions


Battlefield from the west

Woods are open woods. Walls provide medium cover (-2) for infantry and break LOS. Tree line break LOS. Buildings are medium cover

French Order of Battle

All troops Regular 8

Regimental HQ

1 Command Stand
1 Car

1 Heavy Tank Battalion (-)

1 Char B1bis Command
2 Char B1bis

1 Light Tank Battalion


1 Command H35

1 Light Tank Company

3 H35

1 Light Tank Company

3 H39

1 Mechanised Infantry Battalion


1 Command Stand
1 81mm Mortar Stand
2 Lorraine Carriers
1 UE towed 25mm AT Gun

2 Infantry Companies

3 Infantry Stands
3 Lorraine Carriers

1 Recce Company

3 Panhard AMD35

1 Motorcycle Recce Company

1 Command M/C Infantry Stand
3 M/C Infantry Stand

German Order of Battle

All troops experienced 9

1 Panzer Battalion


1 PzBefWg-III Command

2 Light Companies

1 PzKfw-38(t) Command
2 PzKfw-38(t)
1 PzKfw-IIC

1 Medium Company

1 PzKfw-IVD Command
1 PzKfw-IVD
1 PzKfw-IIC

1 Infantry Battalion


1 Command Stand

3 Infantry Companies

1 Command Infantry Stand
2 Infantry Stands
1 MMG Stand

1 Heavy Company

1 Kfz-70 Truck towed PaK-36 37mm AT Gun
1 SdKfz-10 towed leIG-18 75mm Battalion Gun

Note that nether OB is a 100% historical


The German panzers are deployed first, evenly spread down the road close to the north table edge. The German player then deploys his infantry within 24" of the road. Ideally he should not be aware of the French deployment conditions. The French player then divides the board in to two on its north-south axis. The tanks must deploy in one half and the infantry and recce in the other. This forces poor tank infantry co-operation on the French player(s). The French can deploy anywhere north of the road with the panzers on but not within 12" of an enemy stand.

Special Rules

The game starts at dawn. In the first turn max visibility is 10". This increases 10" every turn thereafter until it reaches 60"

If there are two or more players on the French side those players with armoured commands can not talk to those with recce or infantry commands.

Victory Conditions

The French aim is to cut the road, the Germans must stop them. The road is cut by infantry within 6" and LOS of the road, or by armour within 12" and LOSl