Elst - Pics

The game was played between John & I on 9/12/07 at John's place. John provided all the British kit I supplied all the opposition

The 7th SLI moves up to its start line. Shermans by Hat


Sherman in close up


Panther awaits the allied onslaught in Elst town centre


3 Kp KG Knaust awaits the tanks of 7th SLI. They did manage to take out a couple of British infantry stands but were forced-back out of the buildings by British fire


A Coy 7th SLI prepares to attack 2 Kp KG Knaust. With only 4 companies to cover a 2km frontage the Germans were well strung out and the British could mass overwhelming strength on the parts of the German line they chose to single out. None the less 2Kp gave a good account of themselves, slaying several stands and stalling the British advance for several turns until the German company commander finally succumbed in the middle of the orchard.


After defeating 3Kp KG Knaust. the Shermans of A Squadron forge ahead


The Worcestershires supported by a Sherman attack the 1Kp KG Knaust on the outskirts of Elst. The Germans were quickly over run by the allies


Mutual destruction. Out numbered 6:1 the panther leapt on a chance to fight a 1:1 battle with a single British tank. Although the Sherman platoon was destroyed APDS from the 17pdr perforated the Panther. Panther by Matchbox, SdKfz-250/1 by Esci


C Squadron 4/7th Dragoon Guards approaches Elst. John was very careful not to get his Shermans close to my Panzerfausts and my PaK's didn't have a good field of fire in the close terrain


I was lucky with Panzer Kompanie Meilke, it arrived on my first reinforcement roll. It's luck didn't hold and it was quickly finished off by the Shermans of the Dragoon Guards without making any contribution the battle what so ever


As the British forged forward slowly annihilating pockets of resistance 280 StuG Brigade arrived on board. It swiftly moved to defend the railway line where there were some reasonable lanes of fire. StuG's by Cromwell


RSO (Cromwell) tries to redeploy KG Knaust.'s PaK-40 Unfortunately a poor morale roll by its SS commander resulted in it being stranded without orders. It was subsequently close assaulted and destroyed by British infantry


The last act of the battle. 280 StuG Brigade is swarmed by a huge mass of British infantry closely supported by the remaining Shermans. It was all over for the Germans.


The game resulted in a decisive British victory. John's methodical advance, making full use of combined arms left no openings that the Germans could exploit to gain a local advantage. The German defenders were slowly ground in to the dirt. It took the British until turn 11 to secure victory, but there was no stopping them. John passed every morale check he made which is very unusual in CD. A couple of adverse morale rolls could have meant he missed the deadline

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