Race for Dover

26th September 1940

The last possible invasion date for a cross channel attack was 27/9/40 with the optimum day being 24/9/40. Historically Hitler "postponed" the Invasion of Britain on the 19/9/40, but what if the operation had gone ahead? What if by some miracle the invasion fleet was left unmolested by roving RN destroyers?

The scenario represents the attack from the Germans' easternmost landing zone around Hythe & Dymnchurch towards the vital port of Dover. The Germans had a detailed plan for this attack and the scenario accurately represents the forces involved. Historically the British planned a static defence of Dover but in the game they have pushed the 5th Royal West Kent Battalion to the west of the town as a delaying force to enable the Dover defences to be fully mobilised.

The British had forces poised for counter attack against the beach heads, including the 1st Army Tank Brigade and the New Zealand Expeditionary force. The game represents such a counter attack, pushing in the the west flank of the landing zone, which encounters the on-rushing Germans

Order of Battle


Units are deployed as seen on the map. With the exception of the Fallschirmjager and the Brandenburgers all German units are deployed in column along the main east-west road. The PzJgr-I may be attached to any unit of KG Hoffmeister as the German player sees fit. Steadman Force may deploy anywhere with 12" of the crossroads at Chalksole, however the tanks and infantry may not be intermingled.

II Abt 21 Infanterie Regiment is lagging the mechanised units. Starting turn 2 roll 1d6. On a 6 it arrives that turn. On turn 3 it arrives on a 5-6 and so on. If the 44 RTR arrives before the Germans the Germans will not enter until all British armour (in good morale) is over 12" from the place the road enters the board.

Once II Abt 21 IR is on board then roll for the Flammpanzer, which is being sent up to deal with the pill-boxes around Dover. On the turn after the arrival by II Abt 21 IR roll d6, on a 6 the Flammpanzer arrives. Next turn roll 5-6 and so on.

B Squadron 48RTR is supposed to be the left flank of the main assault on the beach-head. It's lost. It arrives on the location indicated on the map. Starting turn 4 roll 1d6, it arrives on a 6. Turn 5 roll again it arrives on a 5-6 and so on. As its not properly part of this operation it may not operate east of South Alkham or north of its entry point unless the HQ of Steadman force takes command (in WPD terms the Cruiser in the HQ of Steadman force must be adjacent to a tank of the 48th RTR and halted for an entire turn)

The 5th RWK battalion is dug in


The red lines are roads. There are hedge lined

The gray built up areas offer medium cover -3 for CD, 4+ save for WPD

The wood is an open wood.

The green dots indicate rows of trees and high hedges

The brown lines are crests. Any AFV touching is allowed to take up hull down positions. In general crest break LOS.

Special Rules

The game starts at 12:00 and lasts until 20:00 - 16 turns

Victory Conditions

The British win a major victory if they cut the road (ie have a stand in good morale on the road) anywhere west of Wolverton and capture the Fallschirmjager supply drop point (X) - have a stand on the point

The British win a standard victory if they cut the road west of Wolverton

The British win a minor victory if they capture the Fallschirmjager supply drop point (X) only

The Germans win a minor victory if they prevent the British achieving any of their goals and clear the 5RWK off the road

The Germans win a major victory if their are no British forces within 12" and LOS of the road.

Note "the road" is that upon which the majority of German forces start the game.