Bridge Pics

The game was played at Ian's Lock Up on Sunday 29th July 2007. Most of the "Massif" attended (Ian, Dave & Gareth) as did Chris. Chris & Ian played the Communists and Dave & Gareth played the US forces. I refereed.

Terrain boards were produced by Ian & the Massif. Houses were built by my father. Hedges by Chris.

The US forces were mostly Dave's and mine but Gareth kindly helped out with the Engineers and MP's. Ian provided the second T28. Russians were evenly split between mine and Chris's collections


US infantry screen on their right flank by the River. Infantry by Dave


M18 on over watch by the river. Milicast model painted by Dave


Recce and MP's in Neudorf. M8 by Grubby tanks. The covered jeep is a Matchbox model with a milicast tilt. One of the jeeps (top right) is Milicast, I'm unsure of the provenance of the other


US Task Force HQ. Academy halftrack


Us left flank on the east side of the ridge. Matchbox infantry covered by an MMS M18


M18 in close-up


Dawn and the rumbling of Russian engines can be heard in the distance


M20 (Milicast) of the Tank Destroyer HQ watching over a pair of T28 GMC (T28 model long out of production)


T28's from the front


Soviet regimental 120mm Mortar Battalion deployed in the woods


KV-8 moves forward on the eastern flank supported by infantry. Fujimi KV1 hull with Vac-u-Cast KV-8 turret - the OB calls fro a KV-8S but I don't own one.


SU-100's lead the advance on the eastern flank


111th Corps Recce dismounts after crossing the river. Back three Seeps are very old Grammodels painted by Chris, those at the front are the new Academy kit


Infantry advance down the rive bank. The soon overwhelmed the US infantry outposts , but the bunched up infantry made an excellent target for the US artillery


IS-3 engages the US M18's. Their shooting was lamentable failing to hit the M18. the return fire, despite the IS's thick frontal armour the fire from the M18's forced back one of the IS-3's in to the wood. It was at this point Chris realised he'd forgotten to deeply the ISU's. Note the almost total lack of infantry which was cowering further back, pounded by the American artillery


On the other flank the Soviet forces make contact with the US infantry line. Morale was poor on both side and after the initial clash both the Russians and US troops fell back to lick their wounds.


This is as far as the KV-8 advanced - just to the first hedgerow. It subsequently went shaken and then the Soviet regimental commander had all sorts of difficulty reaching it to issue rally orders


US forces on the eastern flank rally, but not for long. The M18 would be killed by an SU-100 and the infantry would pull back further


On the other side of the table Dave's m18s have better lick. This M18 is waiting on top of the ridge to try and shoot any Soviet armour that advances along the river back in the flank


Finally, turn 6, the Dave manages to roll the correct dice to get some trucks. MMS Dodge trucks


M7 (Matchbox) shells Soviet troops by the river


The first convoy reaches the bridge at Neudorf. The M8 has departed across the river to fend off the Soviet 111th Recce Battalion which is steadily advancing along the far bank.


As most of the US infantry flees and M18's begin to die the US commander sends the mighty (and slow) T28's forward


T28 watches the west flank. In the distance US infantry regains the hedge line after repulsing a Soviet infantry attack


The Soviets commit their IS-2's in the east. The M18 is overwhelmed by Soviet firepower but bad morale dice, again. hold the Soviets up. Closest IS-2's are Cromwell, in the distance is an Ostmodels IS-2


More US trucks arrive: Grubby tanks Dodge and SHQ Studebaker


Second wave of Soviet infantry hurls itself down the river bank, pounded by the US artillery. Again luck is with the M18's forcing back an IS-3 and killing the ISU's


Breakthrough in the east. SU-100 reaches Rotchen. Unfortunately it was totally unsupported.


Soviets assault the hedge line by the river


On the far bank the M8 tries to fend off the 111th Recce


The US commander sends his last M18 to deal with the SU-100 which is threatening the rear armour of his pair of T28's. The result was mutual destruction, both the SU-100 and M18 KO'd


HQ M3 moves to lend some much needed firepower to the defence of the western bank, followed by a truck convoy


As the US infantry by the river bank crumbles the US Recce is moved to cover the gap


Russian infantry by the hedge, suffering from US artillery fire flees


Situation circa turn 10. The Soviets have a tenuous hold on the hedge line though there is a great deal more infantry coming. The ISU's burn as does the last M18. The Soviets still have two IS-3's and the US commander a T28.


Close up of the US second line


As we ran out of time the US were about to exit their 8th truck down the road thus achieving their victory conditions. However on the eastern flank Ian had rallied his infantry ad was preparing to close assault the unprotected T28 with several stands which could have been a game winning move. As the T28's were the only remaining US armour withdrawing them and blowing them up as required by the victory conditions may have proved tricky

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