Caucasian Islamic Army


Army HQ(Lieutenant-General Nuri-Pasha)

1 Mounted Command Stand


5th Caucasian Infantry Division(Colonel Mursal Pasha)


9th Infantry Regiment

3(6) Infantry Stands

1(2) MMG Stands


10th, 13th and 56th Infantry Regiments (each)

4(8) Infantry Stands


5th Divisional Artillery

1(2) 75mm Schneider Field Gun

1(2) 76.2mm Pulitov Field Gun

1(2) 105mm Krupp Howitzer


15th Infantry Division – (Colonel Suleiman Izzet-Bey)


4th Infantry Regiment

3(6) Infantry Stands

1(2) MMG Stands


38th and 106th Infantry Regiments (each)

4(8) Infantry Stands


Azerbijani Militia (attached)

3(6) Militia Stands


Tatar and Lezgin Cavalry Regiments (each) (attached)

2(4) Militia Cavalry Stands


15th Divisional Artillery

2(4) 105mm Krupp Howitzer


Army of the Cento-Caspian Dictatorship


Nominal C in C: General Dukuchaiev

Advisor: Major General Lionel Dunsterville (stationed on HMS Kruger)


Baku Militia


Minister for War, General Bogratuni,


3rd, 4th, 8th and 12th Battalions (each)

2(4) Militia Stands


21st and 22nd Battalions (each)

3(6) Militia Stands


1st Cavalry Squadron

1(2) Militia Cavalry Stands


Militia Artillery

1(2) 76.2mm Pulitov Field Gun


Centro-Caspian Flotilla

1 Gunboat “Kars” (treated as a field gun battery)


39th Infantry Brigade HQ - Colonel Faviell

1 Motorised Command Stand


7th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment

3(6) Infantry Stands


9th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment

2(4) Infantry Stands


9th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment

3(6) Infantry Stands


8th Royal Field Artillery

1(1) 18pdr Field Gun


Armoured Car Detachment

1 Lanchester Armoured Car (1 VMG)


MG Detachment

1(1) Motorised MG Stand (VMG when mounted, MMG when dismounted)



HMS Kruger – unarmed transport ship


Bicherakhov Detatchment (Russians)


Command - Major-General Lazar Bicherakhov

1 Mounted Command Stand


Bicherakhov “Brigade”

2(4) Infantry Stands

1(1) MG stands


Artillery Detachment

1(2) 122mm M1910 Howitzer


Armoured Car Detachment

1 Garford Putilov Armoured Car (1 Vehicle Gun & 1 VMG)