Austria 1946

Spring 1946 and relations between east and west deteriorate to the point of war; the Soviets looking for a swift victory in Europe before the USAF turn all its factories into radioactive craters

In southern Austria the newly activated 100th Tank Army pushes from the Soviet Occupation Zone along the A2 autobahn, aiming for Northern Italy and to link up with Yugoslav forces engaged in the taking of Triest. In their way is the British 207th Provisional Brigade, a mixture of WW2 veterans, new recruits supported by an ad-hoc tank regiment formed from depots and delivery units: Python Force

Where the A2 crosses the Feistritz Valley it is elevated and vehicles running along it can be seen for miles. Yesterday a Soviet probe ended in a bloody mess as it attempted to rush along the road. The Soviet commander has decided to push across the valley on a minor parallel route which offers a more covered route. The 137th Rifle Regiment, reinforced with heavy armour has been given the task of leading the attack.

Order of Battle & Map


The map is 2km by 4km - north is towards the top of the page

The red lines are minor roads (the A2 is just off the the South East Edge of the map)

The blue lines are rivers, most are minor streams, the Feistritz is a more formidable obstacle. The minor streams take the equivalent if a cautious advance move (CD) to cross. So if moving with a hasty advance order, the unit loses half its movement. If moving with a cautious advance order, a stand must start on one bank and will be moved to the other. For WPD lose 1/2 move. The Feistritz takes a full (hasty - CD) move to cross, a stand must start on one bank and will be moved to the other. Limbers and the Tortoise can not cross the Feistritz

The Bridges over all the rivers will not take the weight of the Tortoise and it may not cross them

The green dotted lines are tree lines that provide light cover (-1, 5+) and break LOS. The Feistritz is lined on both banks (this is unclear on the map) though there are some gaps in the coverage on the north east bank

The stream in the south west corner runs in a gully, this give medium cover (CD) for all stands vs direct fire (5+ save WPD)

The green areas are open woods

The gray areas are buildings. These are mostly stone built (-3 CD, 4+ WPD)

The brown dotted lines are ridge lines. They break LOS. Stands on the lines may take up hull-down positions. The ridges are not high enough to see over intervening terrain


The British are deployed roughly as shown on the map. All infantry and towed guns are in hasty foxholes or emplacements (-2 CD, 5+ save WPD) however they have taken the time to camouflage them so they count as being in cover for spotting purposes

The 56th Recce may deploy anywhere in Reigersdorf.

The 2nd SLI can deploy across the full width of the table. They may deploy no further forward than indicated by the symbol on the map but may deploy as far back as Karlsdorf (they may be in the town)

The Hampshires can deploy from the outskirts of Karlsdorf back to the south west edge of the table. They may deploy the full width of the table.

The 207th Brigade HQ can deploy as the players please in Neudorf

The 17pdr battery can be attached to either the Hampshires or the SLI, player's choice

The deployment of the Tortoise is players choice but no further north east than the outskirts of Reigersdorf (remember the restrictions on crossing bridges!)

Python Force is a reinforcement, A squadron may arrive turn 3, B squadron turn 4 and the HQ turn 5. Roll d6 for each squadron and the HQ separately. On the first turn of possible arrival a 6 is required, on the second 4-6 and subsequent turns 2-6. Python force may arrive on either of the two roads indicated, squadrons and the HQ may use different roads

The majority of the Soviet forces enter the board turn 1 from any point the player desires within the yellow soviet entry area indicated on the map. Entry moves are measured from the table edge

The 13th Tank Battalion is a reinforcement It may arrive at the start of turn 3, roll d6 - it arrives on a 6. Turn 4 it arrives on a 4-6 and subsequent turns it arrives on a 2-6. It may enter anywhere in the Soviet entry area

1st Battalion 137th Infantry Regiment is a reinforcement It may arrive at the start of turn 5, roll d6 - it arrives on a 6. Turn 6 it arrives on a 4-6 and subsequent turns it arrives on a 2-6. It may enter anywhere in the Soviet entry area

Special Rules

The battle starts 5:00am local time on a beautiful crisp alpine spring day. The game lasts 20 turns

Victory Conditions

The map marks various locations with VP. At the end of the game the side with the closest non shaken, non demoralised, stand to the victory location gets the points. The side with the most points wins.

The north east location is for Reigersdorf.