Arras Pics

This game took place in Feb 2017, in my conservatory. I played the the Germans and Keith played the Allies. Most of the kit on display was mine but Keith supplies most of the British. For the most part the models are Heroics and Ross, with a few French pieces from Scotia. The German and French infantry is from Adler. Buildings are either old mainly military or much newer Leven Miniatures, but there is a scattering of other makes.


The Start of the game, I/7 Schützen Bataillon moving past Mercatel. I deployed the Germans as far forward as the deployment options would allow


The 4th RTR rumbles past the outskirts of Arras. As infantry units are not allowed to move within 6" of an armoured unit if they are in the open, the German infantry is not allowed to gang up on the lone British unit


4th RTR engages I/6 Schützen Bataillon by Achitcourt and inflicts heavy casualties. However the green counter indicates the British are now low on ammo. Keith was very aggressive in the early game, keen to exploit the two turns where the Germans are tactically inept.


In the south between Simercourt and Berneville the British attack The lead elements of SS Totenkopf. The paths of the British tanks had markedly diverged. This allowed maximum exploitation of the the German's initial weakness but did mean the British tanks could not be concentrated in one attack.



After defeating the I/6 Schützen Bataillon, the 4th RTR looks lonely and exposed. However infantry units in BBWW2B are prohibited from attacking tank units in the open so its safe from counter attack. Around the Matildas the Germans are starting to take up positions in villages, where the tanks can be attacked by Infantry. What's more the Brits need to attack to win.


The British attack on the SS forces the Germans back. The RTR sensing a kill lumbers in pursuit. In the corner of the picture, Rommel can be seen fleeing from the British tanks


Rommel is pursued by the cuirassiers past Beaumetz les Loges


Having annihilated the SS 7th RTR turns west


The lead elements of 11RDP arrive and push west. However the Germans have put together a coherent defence around Agny


The cuirassiers push deep around the German southern flank which is very much undefended


The 4th East Yorks arrive from the north and advance on the German rear near Beaurains


The German artillery takes up defensive positions


As dusk approaches the 25 Panzer Regiment arrives from the west and plunges into the flank of the Allied defensive line. The 13e and 35e BCC never stood a chance


In the east the British approach their objectives but darkness has fallen and time is running out


25 Panzer Regiment rolls up the Allied defensive line and interdicts the Walrus to Duisans road, which means that the best the Allies can hope for is a draw


The end in the East. The Germans can not quite force the East Yorks from Beaurains which allows the British to force a draw