This game was played in my conservatory on 23/11/18. Dave N was the Allies and I played the Syrian invaders. All the kit is mine


A picture of the battlefield from the south (Jordanian) end. Ein Al-Basha can be seen in the centre


British and US armour on overwatch. Both are equipped with long range missiles.


The defenders of Ein Al-Basha in position awaiting the Syrian onslaught.



Allied tripwire in the hills


The defenders' flank guard to the west of Ein Al-Basha


The Syrian vanguard bypasses the US paras while being harassed by the RJAF


Syrian forces pile forward. The following infantry try to dislodge the paras blocking the road and fail miserably.


The 112th Brigade enter on the western flank and equally fail to make any impression on the defending paras of A company. The terrain is rough on both sides of the road which means the Syrian infantry has to dismount it trucks to make a realistic attack.


Eventually the paras of A company are overcome by vastly superior forces. However the Syrian advance is further delayed by the arrival of the Royal Fleet Air Arm.


The Syrian recce catches the Allied armour by surprise. However their firepower is so puny they do no damage to the westerners


The 112th Brigade continues to make very heavy weather of the break out. The incessant air attacks are not helpful.


Syrian follow on forces push south


This time the USN has a go at the battered 112th. The air attacks do very few casualties but disrupt command and control making a speedy advance tricky. However the 91st Brigade has pushed past the defenders of Ein Al-Basha and there is nothing in front of it heading south.


The Syrians break loose and pile on the gas towards Amman. Well sort of. Embarrassingly a couple of poor activation rolls mean the 91st Brigade is lagging the footslogger infantry.


The 3rd Battalion 112th Infantry Brigade on the threshold of success, the road to Amman beckons. Unfortunately they cock-up their next activation roll and remain lost in the woods, immobile.


The indestructible No 1 Guards Airborne Company struggle to make their way back to friendly lines. They eventually have to disperse but not until after delaying the two Syrian battalions required to take them out. Medals all round I think.


More Syrians head south, However reinforcements from the Jordanian 60th brigade are starting to arrive.


The RJAF pound the Syrian infantry. Meanwhile the 91st Brigade and 5th RTR spar ineffectually. The Syrians are desperate to stop the 5th RTR reaching the 3/112th in the wood


Realising they are thoroughly outflanked, the Allies race back south.


Due to the tardiness of the 3/112th the 3rd RTR block the road to Amman. The infantry show true Syrian fighting spirit and charge the tanks...


...and win, forcing the 3rd RTR back. Unfortunately they are then charged in the rear by the 5th RTR, which ends all chances of the infantry exiting south.


That was the final act of the game. The Syrians would have managed getting an infantry unit off the table if the dice gods had smiled but it was not to be. Even if they had managed there would have probably been time for the Allies to send one of their units in pursuit. It was a great game with a down to the wire ending, but one that's very hard for the Syrians to win (and we added a couple of turn to the duration). There was a little confusion on the allied side about the victory conditions which also aided the Syrians.

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